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Rang A Dó - Science Week Investigations and Amazing Creations!

It was another busy month in Rang a Dó as we celebrated Science week and our amazing home learning STEM project!

We carried out various experiments making magic potions, lava lamps, mixing colours with skittles and experimenting at home with gummy bears! We practiced making predictions, recording methods and results! We LOVED experimenting and cannot wait to try it again soon.

Click on the image to see more:

We also carried out Home Learning Projects in connection with STEM. This involved taking on the theme of 'Homes and Buildings' and sharing research or a creation with our class and teachers. Our families and even some family friends got involved and we really impressed everyone with our projects and creations. There were really clever twists on the theme: animal homes, new homes, old homes, local buildings, historical buildings, landmarks, buildings of interests and much more! We are SO PROUD of them!

Check out our projects and creations!

Maith sibh Rang a Dó!

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