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Active learning in Rang a hAon!

The boys and girls have had a busy month in Rang a hAon. We took some time away from the books and enjoyed exploring Maths in our environment as part of Maths Week 2019. As we were learning about 2D shapes, the boys and girls went on a 2D shape hunt around the school. They worked in teams to find as many 2D shapes as possible. There were some very creative answers! We also joined up with Rand a Dó and did a Maths Trail around the school grounds. The boys are girls used their ICT skills to take some photographs as they figured out their Maths clues! It was great fun!

In literacy we were working on procedural writing. The boys and girls made some delicious chocolate apples with sprinkles. This helped them to understand the concept of procedural writing. It was great fun and made their learning much more enjoyable!

In history, we were learning about games from the past. We went outside and played some very cool games, that our parents and grandparents would have played when they were younger. The boys and girls played X's and O's, hopscotch and kerbs. It was lovely to hear the boys and girls say they would play these games at home again.Well done everyone!

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