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Mighty Mattock Reign Champions again!!

What a day all at Collon N.S. enjoyed on Tuesday the 8th of October, when the champion players of Mattock Rangers GAA football allowed us to join in their celebrations, after their fantastic win of the County Intermediate Championship on Sunday the 6th. Both staff and pupils alike were ecstatic to welcome the local team, made up of past pupils, pupil's parents and relatives as well. Anne-Marie Martin gave an inspiring speech, highlighting all the hard work each player has contributed since their days of attending Collon N.S. Captain Adrian Reid responded with an inspiring speech, thanking the boys and girls for their never-ending support and cheers throughout the championship and even awarded them with a "week off homework", much to the children's delight. The team graciously hung around for well over an hour for many photo shoots and even autograph signings. A big thanks to all the players and team management for giving up their time to share their incredible win our very happy and excited boys an girls of Collon N.S.

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