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4th, 5th and 6th class assembly.

Mrs. Martin hosted our very first senior assembly on Thursday last, the 24th of January. IT was a fantastic after where all classes showcased some of the fantastic work being carried out in each of the classrooms. 4th class presented their brilliant Famine projects, as well as showing off their tin whistle skills by performing as an ensemble. 5th class, read out some of their beautiful Grandparents poems in preparation for Grandparents day this week, as well showing off their famine cottages created from clay. Finally 6th class performed an Irish poem, the song wonder using body percussion and harmonies as well as presenting the art work they created for their ceremony of light.

The afternoon finished off a high point, when Mrs. Martin awarded 3 deserving students with a certificate for being truly great in their class. Well done to Elise Roe, Conor O'Brien and Katie Farrell.

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